Nutrition Coaching

  •   Bio-individualised and tailored to meet your requirements
  •   Examination of your health goals, concerns and priorities
  •   Symptom analysis to develop a picture of how your body is functioning
  •   Discussion and coaching around health challenges
  •   Analysis of discoveries from food and mood journals
  •   Detective work on food allergies and sensitivities
  •   Techniques to manage specific issues such as stress or sleep problems
  •   Targeted recipes, hand outs and information guides
  •   A guarantee that I’ll listen, to really understand your concerns and health goals, and work in partnership with you to achieve what’s important to you
  •   A
    Functional Evaluation:
    Functional Evaluation (FE) – A hands on body process that allows me to identify organ systems that are under stress in your body and then prioritise the support that I provide to you. Every organ is surrounded by a network, whether it be nerves, blood or lymph vessels. When an organ becomes stressed, additional blood and/or lymph fluid accumulates around the organ in order to provide additional nutrients and remove wastes. This additional fluid registers as tenderness in the body. I will palpate a series of points on your body to assess this level of tenderness to determine the degree of stress that organs and body systems are under.

    that involves palpating a range of reflex points on your body to be able to tap into your body’s innate intelligence to find out what systems are under stress;

  • Lingual Neuro Testing (LNT):
    Lingual Neuro Testing (LNT) – A biofeedback tool that enables me to determine whether a food or supplement will be useful and suitable for you. The LNT process enables me to access your body’s innate (or inner) intelligence that knows what it needs, what it doesn’t need, in order to be well, or correct a nutritional deficiency. This technique makes the difference between a generic nutritional therapy plan, and one that is tailored and personalised to your specific needs. It also allows me to determine, with feedback from your body, when you no longer require a particular supplement. So it answers these questions:
      Is this the right supplement for me?
      Is this the right supplement for me right now?
      Does my body still need this supplement?
    So the good news is that you will no longer be wasting money on supplements that aren’t suited for you. No more guess work!

    a powerful biofeedback tool that I perform to determine what supplements your unique body needs right now in order to rebalance and function optimally.


 Lab testingComplete Microbiome Mapping to discover what is living in your gut that shouldn’t be!  Plus Food Sensitivity Testing to enable the development of a dietary regime that is specifically tailored for you.


  Food, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations. You, the client, always have the option regarding whether you want to pursue your health goals using supplements, real food, or a combination of both.


  Meal planning advice & recipe conversions – provide me with recipes your family loves and I will help you to convert them into healthier, more nutritious versions of your family favourites.  I can also provide support and resources to assist in meal planning for your family, where for me the highest priorities are nutrition and simplicity.


  Support to create a chemical free home – I will help you to convert your home into a chemical free zone – explain why it’s important, and how you can achieve it. Covering everything from water to cleaning products to makeup and personal care items.  Achieving a chemical free space helps to relieve the total burden that is placed on your body, freeing it up to function more effectively, making space for greater health and vitality!

 Transformational Coaching

  Do you find that no matter how much you try to make your health a priority, to stick with a new dietary regime or a new fitness program, that you just don’t follow through?

  Do you find yourself always putting other people’s needs before your own, to the point where you’re exhausted all the time, with no time left for you and you’re not sure what to do next?

  Do you find yourself juggling so many different priorities that you feel burnt out, not sleeping well, feeling more and more aches and pains in your body every day?

  Then transformational coaching is for you.  I have integrated this aspect into my health coaching practise in order to support the mental and emotional aspects of our well-being that have an enormous impact on our physical health.

⇒  Transformational coaching taps into and rewrites the subconscious beliefs that we hold about ourselves that we usually don’t even know exist.  A sub-conscious belief such as “I’m not enough” will see us routinely put everyone else’s needs above our own, to the point where our health suffers.

  Transformational  coaching brings awareness to these ‘old stories’ and will support you to write new stories that allow you to celebrate and support your own needs and desires while also supporting others in a rewarding and sustainable way that doesn’t cost you your health!

  Addressing both the physical and non-physical elements of your health is truly the secret to long lasting wellness and vitality.  We will work together to pull all of these pieces into place!


Psych-K® – an additional modality to re-write your subconscious brain, addressing the self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs in the subconscious that are holding you back. During a Psych-K® session the practitioner will run a series of gentle, safe body processes that engage the left and right brain hemispheres to release these limiting beliefs.  Psych-K® can be incorporated into a transformational coaching session or run as a stand-alone session.


 Access Bars® – a gentle hands-on modality where the practitioner gently touches 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may be limiting you and holding you back. Many report deep relaxation and a feeling of ‘letting go’ during a Bars® session.


Essential oils can powerfully support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and healing.  They are natural, organic, complex and powerful substances that can support us on a range of levels.

 Use natural scents from nature to replace artificial fragrances that have been chemically manufactured in a lab.  Use them to replace things like regular perfumes, room and car deodorisers.  This is the simplest reason to use essential oils – they smell nice and aren’t toxic!

 Use essential oils to clean your home, lightening the load on your liver so it doesn’t have to detoxify the harmful ingredients in typical household cleaners.  And they smell so much better than toxic, artificially scented cleaning products.

 Use specific, targeted oils to support particular health conditions. Peppermint for example is well known for its ability to support digestive function including relieving abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea and vomiting, flatulence and wind.

 Use oils to support you at an emotional level, for example Bergamot is helpful for those who suffer from self-judgement.

 Oils such as lemon can support focus and mental clarity.

 Frankincense is a wonderful oil to apply to the crown of the head to support your spirituality and open the crown chakra.

 Access to thousands of DIY recipes and blends to meet your every need.

Quality is key when working with essential oils.  They are powerful substances and some are contra-indicated with particular medical conditions and medications.

Receiving support to know which oils can best support you will ensure that you use your oils safety and maximise their benefits.